About Hicaz Global

Hicaz Global LTD. has been established in 2011 in Istanbul where the all continents, civilizations and culture intersect, by the enterprise of the international businessmen. Hicaz Global LTD. is the Company specialized in trading, marketing and distributorship. Hicaz Global LTD. operates its services all around the World from headquarter in Turkey shining star of the World and its offices located around the World.


Hicaz Global LTD. aims to accomplish best services, profits and products for its clients through its international network, international partners, team of specialized staff and the experience of entrepreneurs.


As Hicaz Global LTD. our missions are to satisfy our customers according to their needs and requirments and also to provide quality services and products for our clients. Likewise our one of the most important goal is to fulfill our commitments for customers.

Products and Services

Hicaz Global LTD. works with Professionals and staff members experienced in their profession to provide best services all around the World for its customers without any complaints. For our products, we are working with the very qualified and Professional manufacturers. Our all products are enviromentally friendly and green products. All our products are guaranteed and conform to international standarts.

Our Location